Antoine Suarez

Antoine SuarezCourtesy Social Trends Institute

Antoine Suarez is a Swiss quantum physicist, philosopher, and bioethicist. He is director of the Center for Quantum Philosophy (Zürich and Geneva) and academic leader of the Bioethics program of the Social Trends Institute (Barcelona, New York).

He has proposed and performed experiments demonstrating that the quantum correlations come from outside space-time [Physical Review Letters 88, 120204 (2002); Physical Review A, 67, 042115 (2003)] and the principles ruling the material world (like the conservation of energy) require non-material coordination [Phys. Lett. A, 376, 2174–2177 (2012)]. His experiments on the foundations of quantum physics have been realized by Nicolas Gisin’s group at the Lab of Quantum Optics of the University of Geneva.

He is editor or author of the following books: Is Science Compatible with Free Will? Exploring Free Will and Consciousness in the Light of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience, (Springer: New York, 2013) Is this Cell a Human Being? (Springer: Heidelberg, 2011), Mathematical Undecidability, Quantum Nonlocality and the Question of the Existence of God, (Kluwer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1997.)

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