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Journalists type reports in 1962
In 1962, journalists typed their reports on the Oscar ceremony.
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November 27, 2012

At Big Questions Online, readers and authors talk to each other.  For seven days after an essay is published, the author is online, responding to comments.  After those seven days,  the author writes up a review of the discussion and identifies new questions that were raised.

Want to see whether your comment influenced an author's thinking?  New to Big Questions and want to read some of the most engaging discussions? This week, we feature new discussion summaries and we invite you to comment on our Facebook page.

The summaries offer a chance to step back from the discussion to see what ideas or themes emerged. It’s also a chance for readers to catch up on conversations they may have missed. Check out the links below to see what the authors thought about the discussions and what new questions came up.

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The following summaries were posted earlier, but we're featuring them in case you missed them.

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Essay: Do Social Media Platforms Promote or Limit Individual Liberty?

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